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Louise Shiller

LouiseLouise Shiller earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology & Counselling and a Certificate in Educational Leadership from McGill University. Her career has been one of service and dedication, having held senior positions in both the public and private sectors, building expertise in the areas of behaviour management, school administration, and student services. She also has extensive experience and training in conflict resolution, negotiations, mediation, crisis intervention, harassment and violence prevention.

Louise has worked for Youth Protection as well as various school boards and organizations, and was instrumental in developing and establishing several essential programs and departments in Quebec. She was often involved with the creation and implementation of policies, review and recommendations of programming changes, and delivery of services. Subsequently, Louise became the Director of Federation CJA, West Island, leading the strategic planning process and making decisions on behalf of the community.

In 2010, Louise was appointed as Concordia University’s Director and Senior Advisor of Rights and Responsibilities, promoting the values of civility, equity, respect, non-discrimination, and an appreciation of diversity for a population in excess of 50,000. Her mandate included resolving conflicts, behavioural incidents, and rights violations in an effective and constructive manner, overseeing intervention and redress. She developed, revised, and administered policies, public documents, and training programs.

Louise’s commitment to sharing best practices has been at the core of her career.