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Reginald W. Richard

Reginald W. Richard spent 30 years with a national life, property and casualty insurer, working in all insurance sectors in the Atlantic Provinces, Western Canada and Ontario. He is a past member of the Insurance Bureau of Canada Atlantic Insurance Advisory Committee and served on various co-operative and credit union committees.

Reginald was appointed superintendent of insurance for New Brunswick, and later was a member of the New Brunswick Hospital Liability Insurance Committee. After his retirement, Reginald served on the board of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) Consumer Assistance Centre, which later evolved into OLHI with new leadership, governance, and a mandate to provide impartial and independent consumer complaint resolution services.

A long-tenured member of the OLHI board of directors, Reginald has served as chair of OLHI’s Standards Committee since 2006, and has a keen interest in information technology, product management, dispute resolution and working with regulators.